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am 24.01.2018 um 11:06
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Dudebro, you’re trying so hard to make a point, but it will never be assimilated. You know how you can really draw attention to your cause? Kill yourself.
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am 24.01.2018 um 10:21
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Now hold it. (a) How did Horn know that the bag these guys carried contained cash?(b) How did some black guys know that this particular house in this white neighborhood had loose cash laying around instead iof in the bank? There is more to this than meets the eye.
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am 24.01.2018 um 09:51
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Hey, you used to write excellent, but the last few posts have been kinda boring… I miss your super writings. Past few posts are just a little bit out of track! come on!
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am 24.01.2018 um 09:08
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Ja, du kan trene beina først. Du kan også trene dette 4 dager på rad, men det avhenger litt av individet. Noen tåler det, mens andre trener litt hvile i mellom.
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am 24.01.2018 um 06:37
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It’s all about rockin’ the vote, as either of the contestants in November’s Sell Myself To the Country advertising campaign can tell you. At least you’ll have your vaca and Blogher memories to console you.
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am 24.01.2018 um 06:30
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Penso che la soluzione sia semplicemente nel distinguere i titoli onorifici e la realta’ di una funzione. Il fatto che l’attuale pontefice dopo la rinuncia possa continuare ad essere chiamato “santita’” non vuol dire che sara’ ancora papa.Quanto alle considerazioni di chiesaepostconcilio saranno pie, ma non mi sembrano per nulla condivisibili.
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am 24.01.2018 um 06:22
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Found your blog via the blog Yum & Yuk and so glad I did! Love your comics and also love seeing your photographs. I love Philly (it was my second choice after Portland of where to move when I left Florida). Have you been to the pretzel place that sells pretzels starting at midnight for $0.25 (or some such cheap amount)? So yum!
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am 24.01.2018 um 06:13
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1-Fruit color change from Green to red2-Bowl color change from Orange to Green3-Chandelier missing a shade4-Pot on stove added5-Dish towel added6-Plates on shelf missing7-Vase added on left to shelf8-Etching in island side missing9-Drawer knob missing10-Sail boat added to water out of window
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am 24.01.2018 um 05:14
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You’ve hit the mark with this post! It’s going to be a treat to see what Build LLC does with a larger commission, one which challenges and brings out the best of your abilities. Architecture should be authentic but it need not be more than it has to be to achieve a project’s goals. Restraint, repose, elegance, and discipline are too often in short supply in our built environment. Thanks for showcasing the work of Weinstein A|U, whose urban-oriented work I was not previously aware of.
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am 24.01.2018 um 04:54
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dimenticavo…io non dico di volermi mettere al servizio del progetto di sel…io mi ci sono messa al servizoo di questo progetto da diversi anni facendo un quotidiano lavoro volontario perchè credo profondamente nel nostro progetto. Ma per carattere sono abituata a dire quando le cose vanno bene e quando mi sembra invece che vadano meno bene.
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am 24.01.2018 um 04:09
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...I presume heretofore that US paleocons have had no position on the EU, because you couldn't give a f*k. So I'd just like to point out that dewy-eyed nostalgia over our independence has no relevance, or indeed appreciative audience, over here in Europe."You are very much mistaken. It is the paleocons who still retain an affection and concern for the old world. It was the neocons who heaped scorn and derision on Europe - people like Jonah Goldberg and Mark Stein - who never had anything nicer to say to Europe than a big "f*ck-you".
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am 24.01.2018 um 02:59
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Sounds plausible to me ... evil, white, McCainiac, CIA operative hanging around the 9th Ward on a happenin' weekend night, waiting for a high-profile community activist to come out of the Howlin' Wolf dance club to retrieve her bicycle, and wasting a whole batch of covert lead shooting the girl multiple times in the head.Standard CIA operating procedure--it's in the declassified manual. My momma always told me everything could be pinned on the "little man from the CIA."
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am 24.01.2018 um 02:12
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మన (à°¸ు) à°²ో à°®ాà°Ÿ à°¸ుà°œాà°¤ à°—ాà°°ు,à°‡ంà°—ుà°µ à°µంà°Ÿ à°²ో à°•ి à°•ాà°µాà°²ి. à°•ాà°¨ి à°®ోà°¤ాà°¦ు à°®ింà°š à°•ూà°¡à°¦ు. à°²ేà°•ుంà°Ÿే ఏదో à°²ోà°Ÿు. à°‰ంà°Ÿే à°Ÿేà°·్à°Ÿు à°¬ెà°Ÿà°°ు. à°Žà°•్à°•ుà°µైà°¤ే à°µాà°•్ ! అదన్à°¨ à°®ాà°Ÿ à°œిà°²ేà°¬ి.
am 24.01.2018 um 02:06
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Wow…..I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thank you again! “One never goes so far as when one doesn’t know where one is going.” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe….
am 24.01.2018 um 01:49
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NEVER go downtown without any change! Like, EVER! The ticket giver people are vicious, unrelenting and unforgiving! -Yes, yes, I speak from experience. Anyway, ha! OMG, can you imgagine if you would have gone all, "OMG! OMG! It's you! It's Adam Levine!" and then it turned out not to be him? LOL At least you got to meet nice people.