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am 06.02.2018 um 06:20
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klo perintah di Linux utk aktifkan service plus mysql nya gmana? klo gammu yg lama perintah nya: gammu –smsd MYSQL /etc/smsdrc … tapi yg baru ini saya aga’ bingung, cos error melulu… >.<
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am 06.02.2018 um 06:11
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(or I've read) that a colour "changes" i.e., cooler or warmer, greyer or not depending on what colour is beside it–but what you say makes sense. Just the other day, I spray painted something gold. We brought it into a room painted a warm beige and my Mother instantly saw the gold object as green. (It was a greeny gold as opposed to a warm browny gold.) Interesting.
am 06.02.2018 um 05:53
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Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same results.
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am 06.02.2018 um 05:41
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I’m super behind on my blog reading and so just got to see this… it almost made me cry! New York is magic. There’s no other place like it. You know that. But it will always be there for you to return to. L.A. will be such an adventure! And I swear, sunshine makes people better from the inside out. Just you wait and see. I know from experience.
am 06.02.2018 um 05:35
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Michelle – I am a convert because of clear mount AND red rubber. I cant wait to order a set of 3 or 4 or 5 Charly – What a great idea about keeping the large rubber shett for storage.
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am 06.02.2018 um 05:29
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Bon ben Valérie…ca te tentes pas d’éduquer nos « jeunes » femmes et les amener a etre un peu plus comme toi…Ca simplifierais l’monde de la rencontre
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am 06.02.2018 um 05:25
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à l’époque où je travaillais encore en entreprise, on faisait les calculs en K€ (prononcé kaheuro) et en M€ (prononcé meuro)et l’on qualifiait familièrement les meuros de « briques » et les kaheuros de « sacs », comme précédemment les francs.
30 usd to btc
am 06.02.2018 um 04:51
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Beleive me when I say I fully understand being stressed about the bills! I have been the main breadwinner for my family for awhile now…due to hubby being in school…and it is SO stressful trying to raise babies AND work. Let’s just pray for each other. God is always faithful.
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am 06.02.2018 um 04:40
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scusate ma il bel festival si deve all'organizzazione, ovvero a chi si è preso la briga e la fatica e il rischio di farlo. se ci sono stati dei disguidi, si dicano senza fare generalizzazioni, ma si ricordi che se il "bel festival" è stato appunto bello, sarebbe il caso di ringraziare chi l'ha organizzatomarco
how much is a bitcoin?
am 06.02.2018 um 04:31
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Vuyu, naturally one can always argue that Sovjet, China etc are not proper communist countries. But you think that Zimbabwe is an example of a socialist or communist country? Please explain. Also, you mention Cuba. If Cuba is such a heaven on earth, the communist garden of eden, why has it been necessary for the Castro government to repress the population so much?I agree, by the way, that the US embargo on Cuba is totally mis-understood and wrong.
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am 06.02.2018 um 02:48
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Bravo Andrei. Apreciez faptul ca ai venit cu atatea idei, fata de altii care nici macar nu stiu daca le-a trecut prin cap sa incerce sa adune 100 de idei, fie ele pe alocuri si neimportante pentru presa noastra infometata si nesatula de raiting.
how much do you make bitcoin mining
am 06.02.2018 um 02:04
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Kylie I used to get notifications when someone tagged my business name but I don’t anymore…has this happened to anyone else? Do you know how to get that back?Thank you for your great article!
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am 06.02.2018 um 01:50
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1cdPoštovanje Dario,Vidim da je suša skoro mjesec dana, ali ipak ako može postavio bi pitanje:Dolazio, nas dvoje, u London u 7:15 navečer, a polazak za dalje nam je u 12:00 sutradan. Kako najlakše, najbolje i najbezbolnije provesti to vrijeme? Da li na klupi zračne luke, te ujutro metroom do centra i natrag ili u hotelu negdje u ili blizu zračne luke (normalno uz što manje troškove?Pozsdrav i unaprijed hvala!Miro1f
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am 06.02.2018 um 01:14
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Hallo Wolfgang,was das Niveau der Fotos betrifft, schließe ich mich Maria an !Wäre natürlich gern dabei gewesen. Im Team hatten wir meistensgute Erfolge.Gruß C-D
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am 06.02.2018 um 00:39
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zephyr Does anyone need any more proof that conservative voices like him, Rush, Hannity, etc… are just delusional.Delusional is the right word – and it equally applies to those who treat it as gospel. Bizarro world stuff.