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am 05.05.2018 um 07:58
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we need option to Edit Most Visited pages. Let's say you have a page that you don't want to see in most visited. and you would rather see some other pages.We should be able to right click like FF's Speed dial and edit.
am 04.05.2018 um 16:56
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quisiera saber que no cobre los meses enero febrero marzo donde esta esa plata y ahora sale una informacion de aue los monotributistas no podemos cobrar mas asiganacion por hijo.Gracias
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am 03.05.2018 um 20:38
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Im extremely impressed using your writing abilities plus using the structure for your blog. Is the a paid theme or have you customize it yourself? Anyway continue the nice excellent writing, it’s rare to look a good blog like this one these days..
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am 03.05.2018 um 11:11
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Thanks Michael. Your comment about length scales being important in both the scientific and religious realms is something I’d not ever thought about.But it’s an interesting thing to point out.And so now, I shall have a think about that. Thanks!
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am 28.04.2018 um 18:44
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gian scrive:se è cambiato il regolamento in questo senso mi stà bene, io non ho detto che fosse sbagliata, mi è sembrata eccessiva in quanto il tongano non mi sembrava fosse andato a deflettere il passaggio, ma abbia provato l’intercetto, quindi non puntato ad interrompere il gioco ergo giusto il calcio, una mano, eccessivo il giallo. secondo me l’arbitro ha avuto una pessima interpretazione della partita.
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am 27.04.2018 um 13:33
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Better buy up all of that VS Pink stuff and enjoy it while you can, because once you turn 30 your skin shrivels, your butt sags, and all of the clothes in your closet magically turn into mom jeans, baggy denim capris, and ugly sweaters. Didn't you know that life as you know it is OVER at 30? Lol, totally kidding of course. That 19 year old from your formspring sounds like a naive, condescending little snot.
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am 26.04.2018 um 23:33
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Talk about sexual frustration! The sexts just make it harder! Believe me we do not lack in that department but damn it’s becoming simply depressing…I need his cock. I guess I’ll just have to wait it out…if I buy a dildo here do you think I’ll have to declare it when I enter NA as a foreign good…hmmmm. Wish me luck
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am 25.04.2018 um 10:47
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Mike Stokley is remembered, not only today, on the anniversary of his death, but every other day as well. He made the ultimate sacrifice, not only for those of us in the U.S.A. but also for the people in Iraq, who now have a taste of freedom such as what we experience here on a day to day basis. Those freedoms are not free and we will never take them for granted, as we will never take the life of Mike Stokley for grnted. He IS a Hero and we will forever honor him.DonnaProud Army MomProud Soldiers Angel
am 24.04.2018 um 21:12
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Liebe Katharina,Dein Kärtchen ist ganz entzückend geworden und den neuen Maya Stempel "Muss" ich unbedingt haben.Der ist ja sowas von knuffig.Vielen Dank für den tollen Blog Hop.Liebe GrüßeAngela
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am 24.04.2018 um 00:37
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PERFECT!!! I have to try... next week I'll be back home, all the family love Ferrero Rocher, and i'll try your recipe... but I have to bake a lot of them, or hide them if I want to eat one!
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am 22.04.2018 um 03:26
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Don't worry guys, "A Real Lawyer" will post soon that this is what Team Obama really wanted, and that us "birthers" are pathetic and he can't wait until the judge makes us all look silly.
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am 21.04.2018 um 22:59
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You’re one busy lady!! We’ve purchased some things from Ikea in the past. Good luck with putting your furniture together! Their directions leave a lot to be desired. Happily, putting furniture together falls under the category – things my husband must do – lol.
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am 21.04.2018 um 04:23
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A few questions/observations. If Warrick came to our world, would he die, from not having a heart? Would his magic stop working? And would Emma have to make some kind of illusion to mask the fact that Warrick is green? Also, where are the namesakes that come TO here FROM somewhere else? Also, the ghost looks like a cat chasing a marble in that page. Cute.
am 19.04.2018 um 07:05
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COOKING! I am a bad grocery shopper and tend to forget at least one thing on my list and it tends to be the key ingredient in my baking creations, so I like cooking since you can easily improvise.
am 17.04.2018 um 01:29
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Dag Caroliene, de rookpan heb ik gekocht bij het Kookpunt, 39,95 werkt erg goed. Ik dacht dat mijn hele keuken naar de rook stonk, maar dat is niet zo. Misschien een cadeau-idee voor de feestdagen:-)Heb ook weleens gelezen dat men hem zelf maakt met braadslede, rekje en aluminium folie.groetjes,Anna