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am 08.02.2018 um 09:15
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Ogni volta che si parla di Apple (o di Wikipedia), in questo blog scattano le faide. Soprattutto per quanto riguarda i computer mi sembra incredibile dato che si tratta solo di prodotti commerciali. Se fossimo in un blog di cucina ci sarebbe gente pronta a scannarsi per Barilla e Buitoni (due marche a caso)?
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am 08.02.2018 um 06:54
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True my silly little commentary on the way Jesus is and has been portrayed for hundreds of years got a bit convoluted.But your point about the moving goalposts is a good one even if it is something of an own goal, the ultimate explanation of ‘God moves in mysterious ways’ for everything awkward makes the posts appear to be mounted on wheels.
am 08.02.2018 um 06:32
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I`m so grateful that you enlightened me and the most important thing that it happened in time. Just think, I have been using the internet for six years already but it`s the first time I`ve ever heard about it!…….It’s pleasant sitting at work to distract from it?to relax and read the information written here:DD…
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am 08.02.2018 um 06:25
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I just read The Genius and The Muse, and I have to say, I love everything you write!! Your books are so hard to put down, yet, when I finish them I am sad!! You write beautifully
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am 08.02.2018 um 05:04
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Chris (Not the right wing guy) says:November 9, 2012 at 22:04 pmLOL! If Pierrot is not careful he’ll be off the ANC Christmas Card list.I’m not even going to make jokes about better Thulas had referred to him as an ‘alleged constitutional-expert’ because this is a brilliant analysis.Boy, has Pierre cooked Zuma’s goose nicely….
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am 08.02.2018 um 04:28
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June 25, 2010 - 8:54 am “My answer: As short or as long as it takes to say what you need to say.” Could not agree more – say what you need to say and forget about how it looks or how it will be seen. Focus on the substance.Great post – hope bloggers follw your advice.
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am 08.02.2018 um 04:09
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, "curvy is more womanly". By the way, did you ever check your hip-waist ratio? When I did I felt SO good about my body. I'm a 0.7 on the dot. It was such a confidence booster You should check yours too =). Mwa!
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am 08.02.2018 um 02:49
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Hey Shane, I am 15 years old and I’ve been bullied 5 years long, then it stopped for 1 year.When I was in the first year of high school, bullying started again.I’ve tried to kill myself like 3 times.I’ve cut myself, I hate my life.So I know what you’ve been trough.I’ve stayed in the hospital for more than a month and I go to therapists etc.I am in a depression for like 2 years now, I hope I feel better soon.
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am 08.02.2018 um 02:37
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So this list now confirms Nappy Roots – Nappy Dot Org is the most slept on album of the year. How can nobody even be talking about an organized noise production effort? ^^^It was kinda shitty IMHO.Not that I’m a huge fan of Nappy Roots in 2011 anyway but I don’t think the project lived up to the hype.There were a few cool beats on there though.Legend Lives On >>
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am 08.02.2018 um 01:30
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non ti ho mai sentito parlare in questi termini di tuo padre.e' proprio vero che non si finisce mai di conoscere una persona, ogni momento puo' essere una sorpresa. e questa lo e' stata.
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am 08.02.2018 um 01:23
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Rusu Posted on Daca mama mea ,m-a rugat sa schimb canalul atunci cand s-a transmis conferinta de presa a lui Antonescu,cu ocazia sosirii din vizita avuta in Germania,spunand ca nu-l mai suporta,e clar ca asta nu va mai ajunge in veci presedinte.Isteria si retorica agresiva a inceput sa-i deranjeste pe tot mai multi romani,chiar si pe fostii ultrasi antonescieni.
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am 08.02.2018 um 00:52
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cause he hurt his head OMG..what a thing to discuss with your 10 yr old son… ”Yep who thinks this little guy is going to be dabbling in the liquor cabinet by middle school? Seriously, telling your child that someone was “self-medicating” with alcohol is a good idea, NOT
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am 08.02.2018 um 00:40
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I just purchased the Verizon Iphone on Saturday and being new to the iphone all together I am trying to find my around. I have seen on others iphones when somebody calls it provides the city and state of the telephone numnber where they are from. Can anybody tell me what this app is called so I can download as well. Thanks
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am 08.02.2018 um 00:34
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Yay google is my queen aided me to find this great site! . “Don’t rule out working with your hands. It does not preclude using your head.” by Andy Rooney.
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am 07.02.2018 um 22:20
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Hi Dena,Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for a p[prolapse to recur. An vet experienced with amphibians can stitch the cloaca, which often allows the prolapse to heal. You’ll need to fast the toad for a time, which is never a concern if in good weight. American Toads can live into their 20′s…I’ve had good longevities with other species after such problems, but there are no hard/fast rules. Pl let me know if you need help in locating a vet, and let me know how all goes,Good luck, Frank